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Welcome to Vernon Web Services.

If you are building a website for the first time, I can help you with defining your goals, editing your content, selecting stock photographs, choosing a platform, selecting a hosting provider and package, installing themes and plug-ins, building your site, uploading your content, and making backups.

If you already have a website, I can help you with content updates, functional enhancements, problem investigation, platform migrations, backup and recovery, modernizations, and makeovers.


The Website Lifecycle


In the Define phase of a website’s life, you answer questions about your goals for the website.

Will your website be like a business card or an entry in the phone book, simply letting people know you exist and giving some contact information? Do you think of your website as a brochure or an extended advertisement, showing off your products and services to motivate people to buy? Is your goal to offer online shopping direct from the website itself?

You’ll also define what extra features you want. Will you have blog articles to offer fresh content and build an audience? Will you host a community forum? Do you plan to maintain a mailing list and send out newsletters?

You’ll also consider your intended audience. What look, feel, and message will best appeal to them? How important is a polished, professional appearance? Where are your visitors located geographically?


In the Select phase, you make decisions about the best technology to meet your goals. I can help you navigate these choices.

Can you can live without your own domain name? If so, you could use a free blogging platform such as Blogger or WordPress. You could alternatively use a free web design platform such as Wix or Weebly.

For a more professional look, you’ll want to register your own domain name. You might buy a paid WordPress theme of your choice from ThemeForest. You could purchase professional stock photos to supplement images you own. You could commission a logo from a graphic designer.

If you want to offer online shopping, a popular choice would be ZenCart for the store and PayPal for payments. For forums, vBulletin is a leading paid option, and phpBB is a free one.

Will a simple shared hosting package meet your needs? If so, which one? Do you have special requirements that will necessitate a virtual private server (VPS)? For busier websites, you may need a dedicated server in a package that comes either with or without server management.

For a global content delivery network (CDN), CloudFlare offers a free option, and CloudFront is a well-known paid option.


Once all decisions are made and all prerequisites purchased, the Build phase can begin.

Are you going to learn the necessary technical skills, so that you can later update your website yourself? Or will you save time by outsourcing the build to a specialist? I can help you make this choice.


The Maintain phase begins as soon as your website is live.

You’ll want to update your content, troubleshoot any problems, and add new features from time to time.

You’ll also want to keep your website looking fresh and up to date.

Flat Rate Pricing

These low prices are due to being based in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. Even if you do not live in Vernon or Coldstream, most projects can be discussed via Skype.

Costs of purchased materials and out-of-pocket expenses are extra.

The minimum engagement is 4 hours.

Flat Rate Pricing

Estimate Your Costs

For a half-day helping you to update and troubleshoot a website you have already created, your budget might be 4 hours, or $128.

For building a small website that involves selecting stock photos, commissioning a logo, choosing a WordPress theme, building the website, and copying and pasting your content into the site, your budget might be 25 hours, or $800 plus hosting, domain, and graphics costs.

To gather and document requirements for an enterprise web application, your budget might be 500 hours, or $16,000.

These are illustrative examples only. Actual hours and costs will vary from project to project. Any fees due to third parties (hosting, photos, logos, etc.) are extra.

Recent Projects This website was hosted with a U.S. hosting company, who had lost the website content. Using a backup CD and the Wayback Machine, I rebuilt the site with a Canadian provider, reconstructed the email accounts, re-tested all the functionality, and returned the website to full working order.

Thumbnail of This growing website needed a larger server. I consulted with the site owner, investigated all the previous work that had been done on the server, made flat file and MySQL backups, and planned and tested the migration to a larger server.

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